After nearly 20 years of innovations and firsts in developing diagnostic equipment for Land Rover vehicles and owners, we are pleased to inform you about our brand new ROVACOM-IQ mobile app and VCIQ interface.

Developed in secret over many years, they incorporate vast amounts of advanced features, functions and connectivity, and we truly believe that these achievements represent a real quantum leap forwards and make this the most innovative and advanced diagnostic and vehicle monitoring system there is for Land Rover vehicles.

On this page you will find further information about this revolutionary system, as well as links to related documents, videos, downloads, FAQs, a contact us form for any further questions, and a link to subscribe for notifications of any related news. For more details Click here

Vehicle Model Coverage

Land Rover Models covered are:

Discovery 3 L319(2004-2009)
Discovery 4 L319(2010-2016)
Range Rover Sport L320(2005-2009)
Range Rover Sport L320(2010-2013)
Range Rover Sport L494(2014-2017)
Range Rover L322(2010-2012)
Range Rover L405(2012-2017)
Evoque L538(2012-2017)
Discovery Sport L550(2015-2017)

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Mobile Device compatibility

Despite extensive testing on as many devices as possible, the huge variation means we cannot guarantee compatibility with all Android devices.

We do however advise avoiding the use of older, cheaper and low-branded Android devices with old versions of Android and poor graphics and main processor speeds.

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Demonstration Capability

Because the Rovacom IQ application retains all last known vehicle information for viewing in its disconnected state, it installs with information from a 3.0 TDV6 2010 MY Discovery 4 pre-loaded, which allows users to better explore its many features. This information is automatically updated with that of any vehicle it is then connected to.

For more details,download from the Google play store


VCIQ hardware and Vehicle Monitoring Capability

Packing such an amount of functionality, capability, processing power, memory and connectivity as we have into a size that is only slightly larger than the vehicle's diagnostic socket was no easy thing to achieve, and we are understandably very proud of our VCIQ.

The VCIQ has all the user interface to vehicle aspects of any regular VCI (Vehicle Communications Interface), but the Q is added to the name because it also has self intelligence. This means that when plugged into a vehicle, the VCIQ will automatically self detect everything possible about the vehicle and its systems and then begin periodically monitoring the vehicle systems and note and record any changes, such as new fault codes. All information and changes are then automatically synchronised with the Rovacom IQ app when connected via its Bluetooth connection.


Given the many years of time and money we have invested in respect of both the Rovacom IQ software application development with its many notable features and functions, as well as the VCIQ hardware and firmware development, it is reasonable to expect that such an advanced system as this should cost quite a bit.

However, along with our aims to create the most innovative and advanced diagnostic and vehicle monitoring system there is, we also have aims to make this the best value for money system there is.

As such, the costs of a VCIQ Kit are actually very low and certainly a fraction of the cost of what we believe are lesser alternates.

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Advanced Graphical User Interface

The Rovacom IQ application has been very specifically designed to maximise on all aspects typically provided by mobile phones and tablet devices, presenting users with already familiar features, including modern connectivity to internet and SMS, for advanced notification purposes.

The application fully utilises and provides benefits by utilising the side swipe functions afforded by these devices to quickly and easily switch between base functionality pages, as well as utilising the side swipe in functionality to provide quick access to menu options that provides customisation options for the system in general on the left, and each individual function page on the right.

The app also provides the ability to change a variety of graphical options including backgrounds and text, and of course has portrait and landscape modes that are lockable options.

Our app is available on android device! Download now to get started!

rovacom-iq app download

List of Downloads

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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Is Rovacom IQ available for Apple (iOS) or Windows devices?
Rovacom IQ is currently available for Android devices only. However, with this requirement in mind, we specifically designed and created the Rovacom IQ application using a multi-platform cross compiler, such that it should require only a relatively small amount of work for us to introduce versions for other operating systems.
Can I use Rovacom IQ / VCIQ on more than one vehicle?
The Rovacom IQ app can be used with any number of VCIQs. However, a VCIQ is supplied only as part of a Kit that includes an unlock code for one vehicle which it will lock itself to.
Can I use multiple mobile devices, eg my phone and my tablet on one VCIQ?
Yes, the VCIQ will recognise different mobile devices and synchronise with them when they are connected. However, only one device can be connected at the same time.
Can you provide a multi-vehicle/multi-model version for business use?
The Rovacom IQ and VCIQ, especially in respect of its emphasis on constant vehicle monitoring and instrument mode functionality, has clearly been developed specifically with vehicle owners in mind. However in the future we may well introduce a version more tailored for business use.
How does this compare and fit in with your other diagnostic systems?
The Rovacom IQ and VCIQ have not been developed with any intent to replace any of our other diagnostic systems and associated products, but rather to complement them with a system that uses our extensive vehicle communication experience and knowledge to provide a solution that allows vehicle owners monitoring capability and easier access to their vehicle's information using familiar interfaces.
Are there any diagnostic function limitations?
The amount of information and functionality provided is vast, including flashing the software in absolutely all flash type vehicle ECUs, modification of all settings in the vehicle's Car Configuration File as well as providing extensive service reset, test and adaption resetting in all ECUs that any vehicle owner doing their own maintenance and servicing would reasonably require. However the system does not provide some functions that might be required in more advanced tasks, eg the replacement of non-consumable parts, etc.
Where and when can I purchase a VCIQ?
The VCIQ kits for the supported models are available for purchase from the BlackBox solutions web shop. However the system is still in the latest stages of being beta tested on the much later Land Rover models such as the Evoque, Discovery Sport and L405/L494 Range Rover/Sport and are expected to be available soon.
How much will it cost?
Please see the pricing section on this website.
What support do you provide?
As a first level support mechanism, we provide a technical support forum for owners that is dedicated to the Rovacom IQ and VCIQ where our technical and support staff, along with other owners, can assist with any issues. Thereafter you can use the contact us capability on the Blackbox solutions website or send us an email. However our priorities are to support issues via the forum first, and issues raised via the contact us or direct email that are already covered on the forum will be replied to with links to the relevant forum post.
How do I get Rovacom IQ software and VCIQ firmware updates?
Although we have many years of experience with diagnostic equipment development and communications with Land Rover vehicles, and have performed extensive testing, it is realistic to expect there to be, at least at the initial stages, a large number of bugs and fixes to be addressed in this brand new system. However this platform provides for very quick and easy debugging, and updates are automatically distributed via the Google Play store. Updates to the app will also include any updates for the VCIQ which will automatically be uploaded to it.
Is it easy to use and understand?
It is very easy to use, and most of the information is quite obvious. However, as with all diagnostic equipment, the benefits of interpreting some of the more detailed information it provides is obviously dependent upon the user's degree of technical knowledge of their vehicles and its systems, and their willingness to learn and research any particular aspect via the internet, and range of technical documentation Land Rover provides.
Will this cover other models such as Discovery 5 and Velar?
At present we know of no technical reason why we would not be able to cover such very late Land Rover vehicle models, and these are certainly on our to do list, however our fleet of test vehicles and test rigs does not yet include these models at present and with the ROVACOM-IQ, we are already introducing coverage for four new models and many engine managements that we have not previously covered.